About ProcessRum

ProcessRum is a company owned and run by Angeli Sjöström Hederberg, a social entrepreneur, whose business idea is to strengthen democratic values within societies, agencies and companies. Angeli Sjöström Hederberg has more than ten years experience working with civil-, political- and labour organisations as an educator and project manager. Since 2005 she has run ProcessRum according to her vision of a more democratic society, and she is inspiring, debating and acting as a change maker in entrepreneurship, labour market and the development of the civil society.

Angeli Sjöström Hederberg has a degree in Human Resources from University of Stockholm, with organisation sociology as a main subject. She is also educated in rhetoric, ethnology, project management, improvisational theater and career coaching.

Areas of expertise

ProcessRum offers trainings, seminars and project management within the following areas;

  • Entrepreneurship & Business development
  • Labour economics & career
  • Democracy & Civil Society

Values and vision

All people should have the same opportunities to influence their lives and their environment, regardless of their age, gender, sexual identity, ethnicity, religion or disability. ProcessRum’s aims to contribute to a more vivid democracy by empowering individuals as well as Civil Societies. It could end up in a new organisation, to run a local project, start a company or create your own career – the engine of motivation is the same; do your own thing!



Education & Programmes
ProcessRum offers programmes, education and seminars that stand out from most. Instead of traditional lectures, the participants take part in playing, feedback exercises, and creative workshops.

A successful programme is the concept of ”Mod Passion Jonglör – become and entrepreneur” financed by the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth and EU. You can see some pictures of it here.

Process- and project management
ProcessRum works with tools that help individuals and groups for a better understanding of themselves and others in a process of change or development.

If you need a project manager, to plan your method material, to plan an education, an event or conference we are here for you!

Moderating, meeting-facilitation and inspiration
Angeli Sjöström Hederberg is an accomplished moderator who is unafraid of sticking her neck out or to use unconventional methods. She has been invited to host panel debates, conferences and does not hesitate to create discussions with an audience of 20 or 500 people.

We create meaningful venues for the annual meetings in your NGO, hold workshops for youth-politicians-industry and we help official agencies/authorities to create strategies for future challenges.


Over the years we have been working NGO:s, Unions, agencies and other membership organizations. If you want to contact any of them, get in touch with us and we will forward you the person of contact.

  • Amnesty International Swedish section
  • Aisec Sweden
  • Several municipalities
  • The Swedish Federation of Small Business
  • The Swedish Fortifications Agency
  • The Swedish Board of Agriculture
  • Several Unions such as Akademikerförbundet SSR, Sveriges Arbetsterapeuter, Kommunal, Läkarförbundet